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17th Jan 2024

PS5 owners urged to make two simple changes to improve their gaming experience

Stephen Porzio


Handy to know.

Those who own a PlayStation 5 have been encouraged to make two simple changes to improve their experience while gaming.

The advice comes from tech website Tom’s Guide who say that setting up your PS5 is more complex than just plugging the console up to a TV or monitor.

“If you want games to look their best, you’ll need to dive into the system’s settings and make some minor adjustments that provide a huge difference,” it explains.

Some of Tom’s Guide’s recommendations revolve around HDR (High Dynamic Range), a technique that enables details to be visually expressed in both very bright and very dark scenes.

PS5 owners urged to make two simple changes to improve their gaming experience

According to the website, it is best for those with LCD TVs to disable the HDR function, as “leaving this on can cause issues, depending on your TV”.

It also states that when playing an older game never meant for HDR, deactivating the function could lead to better picture quality.

As well as this, Tom’s Guide says that – if supported by your television – PS5 users should enable the HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) feature.

This refers to a standard, intended by certain game developers, for setting screen colours and atmosphere.

“Leaving the setting on shouldn’t affect games that don’t support HGiG. This is anecdotal, but I’ve had HGiG turned on for two years on my LG CX OLED TV and games always look great on the PS5,” Tom’s Guide outlines.

When HGiG is enabled for your television, PS5 users are encouraged to go to the “Adjust HDR” setting on their console before following the on-screen instructions to fine-tune the high dynamic range.

The other change Tom’s Guide suggests making is regarding the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

This is a PlayStation 5 feature that enables people to adjust their TV’s refresh rate to their PS5’s frame rate output as a means of ensuring smoother visual performance when it comes to games.

“This is a good feature to keep on automatic, especially if your TV supports VRR,” the website’s advice states.

“However, if your TV doesn’t, you may want to disable it. There’s an option to apply VRR to unsupported games, but I recommend not toggling this on.”

You can read the full advice from Tom’s Guide right here. To learn about the classic PS1 game that has just been added to PlayStation Plus, meanwhile, click this link.

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