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27th Aug 2019

It looks like two of the biggest games in the world are about to have a crossover

Rory Cashin

fortnite borderlands

Perfect timing.

Fortnite continues to go from strength to strength, having just launched Season 10 to huge success.

The folks behind the game have made sure to do everything they can to keep fans interested by mixing things up constantly with new character additions, which have previously included Marvel’s Avengers, every one of the 32 NFL teams, and even John Wick himself.

However, this latest potential crossover could result in the biggest fan reaction yet, as a tweet sent out early on Tuesday teases the next massive arrival:

In case you didn’t spot it, towards the bottom left, above the unicorn, is a Psycho mask emoji, something strongly linked with the Borderlands games series.

Borderlands 2 dropped a little over seven years ago, but with the arrival of Borderlands 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Friday 13 September, this is a clever way to get some tasty cross-promotion going for both games, as well as some handy publicity for the upcoming sequel.

As far as what to expect from the crossover, we’d imagine it will involve controlling some of the more iconic Borderlands characters in the Fortnite world, until the last warrior is left standing.

For any Fortnite fans in Ireland, there is a huge tournament planned to arrive in Croke Park in September. Full details of that event can be found here.

In the meantime, why not check out a recent trailer for Borderlands 3:

Clip via Borderlands