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04th Feb 2022

WATCH: PlayStation reveals 10-minute gameplay trailer for its incredibly creepy new horror game

Rory Cashin

The new game comes from the creator of the hugely successful horror series The Evil Within.

We’re only two weeks out from PlayStation’s first big release of 2022, but they’re already looking beyond that, giving fans a look at their upcoming horror, Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The paranormal action game comes from Tango Gameworks, the folks behind the much-loved horror series The Evil Within, and takes place in an eerily deserted Tokyo.

Well, we say deserted, but it is actually full of ghostly creatures, covering a whole host of incredibly creepy monsters, from spectral killers yielding a huge pair of scissors, to creepy undead ghost girls that look like they wouldn’t be out of place crawling out of TV.

PlayStation held an official showcase for the game this week, giving an introduction to the game’s plot, as well as ten minutes of gameplay, putting a spotlight on the action and horror that players can expect.

Considering that one of 2021’s best-reviewed and bestselling games was Resident Evil: Village, the hunger for great horror is as high as ever with gamers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will launch on PS5 and PC from Friday, 25 March.

Clip via PlayStation