EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, won't be back for the mysterious new Batman game 4 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, won't be back for the mysterious new Batman game

He has voiced the character since 1992.

A few days back, we reported that WB Montreal - the makers of Arkham Origins - had begun to tease the arrival of a new Batman game, with a series of cryptic (and not so cryptic) tweets.


This is obviously very exciting news, as the Arkham games aren't just some of the best based-on-a-comic-book games around, but some of the best games ever, full stop.

The original, Batman: Arkham Aslyum, recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary and we maintain it is still a landmark in the medium.

So when we were lucky enough to chat to Kevin Conroy - the voice of Batman not just in the Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight games, as well as the Injustice games, and Arkham VR, but also in the iconic animated series and accompanying movies - we had to know if he was coming back to the franchise after providing such incredible work as both Bruce Wayne and Batman so far.

When JOE asked Conroy if he was coming back for what is supposed to be a Court Of Owls-set game, he replied "I'm not."


We told him that we thought that was unfortunate to hear. "I know. I don't know why."

But he does have a lot of love for the games that he was a part of: "I'm not a gamer, but I have been guided through playing the game, by the Rocksteady [makers of Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight] people.

"And boy, it is spectacular. I can see why people are so addicted to them. The feeling of flying through Arkham with Batman is just incredible."

For all the Batman fans in Ireland, you'll be happy to hear there is An Evening With Kevin Conroy taking place in Dublin on Friday 18 October. Full details on that can be found here.


And if you'd like to hear the rest of our chat with Kevin, where he talks about everything from his favourite episode of The Animated Series to his love for Mark Hamill, then you can check that out right here: