Over half a decade later, a new Mafia game is confirmed to be on the way 1 year ago

Over half a decade later, a new Mafia game is confirmed to be on the way

The studio is also going to be rewarding fans with a freebie for series' 20th anniversary.

A new Mafia game is currently is finally in development according to reports, some six years after the release on the previous title.


The news of the next Mafia instalment was dropped my none other than publishers 2K Games, who revealed on social media that "work has started on an all-new Mafia project".

While they gave little information as to what's in store for the future of the franchise, they did tease that to mark the series' 20th anniversary, they will be rewarding fans and those on Steam with a freebie.


Sharing a new 20th anniversary trailer for the Mafia: Trilogy, the game development and publishing studio announced that they will be giving away the first game which released all the way back in August, 2002 absolutely free for a limited time only.

Steam users can claim a digital copy of the original game, which was remastered back in 2020, from September 1 until 6pm BST September 6 — and don't worry, as far as we can tell, it's not a 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' type situation.

Details surrounding the next Mafia game have been pretty scarce since the release of the last iteration, Mafia III. Despite receiving a middling reception, the third game developed by Hangar 13 and still has a cult-following for its 60s aesthetic, take on the Vietnam War, as well as discussion around serious world issues like race and Cold War-era politics.

We had heard rumours that the next title would be a prequel codenamed 'Nero' according to a Kotaku report earlier this year, but the tweet would suggest that this next chapter will be something set after the events of the previous games.


Hangar 13 general manager Roman Hladík admitted the project is “a few years away” but that the team is excited about bringing a new story to the Mafia universe. You and us both, mate.