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15th Jan 2024

PlayStation users urged to claim free store credit they’re owed

Charlie Herbert


It’s worth checking.

PlayStation gamers have been urged to check if they are owed free store credit for completing certain requirements.

It’s all to do with PlayStation stars, which you can earn by completing requirements via the PlayStation phone app, or purchasing games through the digital store. You can then redeem these stars for a variety of awards such as digital items, games and store credit.

The rewards scheme isn’t that widely known, even amongst PlayStation fans, but more and more people are becoming aware of it.

PlayStation users urged to claim free store credit they’re owed

However, some gamers on Reddit have urged people to check if they are owed stars they earned over the festive period after people complained they were missing some.

Taking to Reddit, one user said if players were given a case number for the issue of not getting their stars, they can report it to the live service chat and they might be able to get their rewards retroactively.

Someone else explained they had the issue of not getting stars they had earned, but that after contacting PlayStation they got their points.

They wrote: “Got an email a few minutes ago from Playstation support saying they added the missing points to my account. I had been waiting since Dec 28th.”

So, it’s worth checking to see if you are owed any stars for completing requirements over Christmas and New Year. If so, raise it with Sony’s support service.

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