QUIZ: How well can you remember The Last of Us? 4 years ago

QUIZ: How well can you remember The Last of Us?

Don't mind me, just killing time until The Last of Us Part II comes out...

Hard to believe that seven years have gone by since The Last of Us was announced at E3 2012. It’s a rare thing for a gameplay trailer to create so much hype, rarer still that it lives up to it.


After all this time, we finally have a release date for the hotly-anticipated sequel. The Last of Us Part II is released on 29 May, and you can watch the new trailer here.

For now though, we're stuck with reliving the first one again and again (not the worst state of affairs to be honest). It's time to pop your backpack on and take a stroll down memory lane, past that horde of clickers and through that underground basement.

Yes, even mentioning that basement stage is enough to keep us awake at night.

If you manage to get more than seven, we reckon it would be enough to even put a smile on Joel’s face…


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