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09th Nov 2022

‘I get choked up thinking about it’ – God Of War Ragnarok creators on the sequel’s biggest moments

Rory Cashin

The brand new PlayStation blockbuster is out now!

After four years of waiting, it is finally here.

God Of War Ragnarok, the sequel to 2018’s Norse-set reboot, sees Kratos and his son Atreus continue their journey towards answers that could help deter an incoming apocalypse.

As we mentioned in our review, this doesn’t even really feel like a sequel, it feels more like a continuation: The Two Towers taking up the mantle from The Fellowship of the Ring.

In the run-up the game’s release, we had a tremendous chat with Bruno Velazquez (Animation Director) & Erica Pinto (Lead Narrative Animator) about the sequel.

There will be more to come on JOE from that conversation in the days to come, but below the pair discuss the most memorable moments for them both in the new game:

First up, Erica tells us the following:

“So, there’s a scene for me that actually you have to do one of the side quests to find. It it gets me every time because when we, as part of our process of making a cinematic [scene], we will sometimes put ourselves in suits to just test it out and make sure it works.

“So I was playing one of the characters in the scene, and just revisiting it, I started crying you know. So then we actually went to the stage and we shot it and every time I see it now, I just get choked up so much.”

Bruno then tells us his pick:

“For me, I would have to say I think some of the the best moments is the Father-Son relationship. And there’s a particular moment in the game which, without giving too much away, Atreus uses some language that Kratos used on him in the first game.

“It really drives home that growth that Atreus is going through, and that growth of the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. It really depicts that Father/Son relationship that we wanted to really get out there for people to enjoy.

“I feel like those kind of small personal moments are the ones that need to be there in order for everything else to matter more. The big battles, the big fights, like those are bombastic and fun. But if you don’t have the small moments to contrast those big moments, I feel that it makes everything more meaningful. So I really like that moment.”

God Of War Ragnarok is available on PS5 and PS4 right now, and check back in with JOE soon for more of our chat with the makers of the game.