Resident Evil 8 rumoured to feature werewolves, automatically becomes greatest game of all time 3 years ago

Resident Evil 8 rumoured to feature werewolves, automatically becomes greatest game of all time

Zombies + Werewolves = Instant Classic.

There is something a little bit odd going on with the Resident Evil series right now.


While it seems to be reaching into its own back catalogue and remaking the original games for current consoles (Resident Evil 2 was one of our best games of 2019, and Resident Evil 3 is due for release this April), the series is also still moving forward with actual original entries, too.

It has been three years since the game-changing (pun fully intended) release of Resident Evil 7, which pitted you in a first-person survival horror story as Ethan Winters, a man attempting to survive a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque family of murderers.

It mostly ditched the zombies of the series to date, replacing them with folk filled with a regenerating virus, and almost all of the action took place within a single farmhouse.

All in all, it was both spectacular and also absolutely terrifying.


The world has been waiting for Resident Evil 8, and while actual facts have not yet been announced, reports and rumours are rife.

A source has reportedly informed Resident Evil mega-site Biohazard Declassified that the new sequel will pick up mere moments after the ending of RE7, with players once again controlling Winters from a first-person perspective.

He'll apparently be joined by Resident Evil, eh, resident, Chris Redfield, who has been a part of the series since the very first game back in 1996.

That same source has stated that the new game will re-focus on zombies as the primary antagonist, but that werewolves are also set to be part of the equation somehow, and that is pretty much all we needed to know that we need this game in our lives. Immediately.


There is no set release date for the game but we'd wager it'll be early 2021, just in time for the release of the new generation of consoles.