Marvel hint that a major comic book character is set to appear in Spider-Man on the PS4 1 year ago

Marvel hint that a major comic book character is set to appear in Spider-Man on the PS4

This is quite the crossover.

In case you didn't know, we really really REALLY enjoyed Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4.

We obviously put it in our Best Games of 2018 list, and truth be told, as much as we know both God Of War and Red Dead 2 were amazing, we had WAY more fun swinging around Manhattan than we did with any other game last year.

Since the game was released, Marvel and Sony have been hard at work keeping everyone playing, as the fantastic additional gameplay of new DLC like The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Linings, but it looks like they're not done yet. Not by a long shot...

During a livestream on Tuesday, Marvel's Ryan Penagos hinted towards something "fantastic":

This might have been fairly innocuous all by itself, except that game's developers got on board by stirring the top with little more than an emoji:

Obviously the use of the word "fantastic" would lead everyone to think of The Fantastic Four, so off the back of the that, the primary guesses would be:

ONE - The Baxter Building is going to appear in the game. Considering Stark Tower, the Wakandan Embassy and loads of other famous Marvel landmarks are already in Manhattan, there is no reason why Baxter can't also pop up.

TWO - There will be a new DLC involving Reed Richards and/or his family and friends and/or Doctor Doom himself is on the way, which would be HUGE.

THREE - Bag Man suit. The game has been pretty great for dropping new variations on Parker's web-slinging suit, even dropping the Sam Raimi version for free at Christmas, but the Bag Man suit is the one that he puts on (literally a bag on his head) while Richards does some tests on his actual suit once it has been attached to the Venom symbiotic material. But considering the game's post-credits sequence seems to indicate that the sequel will focus on that very storyline, it seems unlikely.

Fingers crossed we'll find out soon enough, because our spidey senses are tingling...