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18th Feb 2024

Inside the ‘eerie’ block of apartments where around 20,000 live in one building

Nina McLaughlin

The apartment block is ‘the most sustainable living building on Earth.’

A block of flats in China has gone viral after a TikToker shared the reality of what life there is like.

Regent International complex in Hangzhou’s central business district, Qianjiang Century City, houses a whopping 20,000 people.

Yes, you read that right. The same amount of people that can live in a sizeable town all live in one building.

Another shocking factor is that those residents do not need to leave.

The 675-foot tall building has everything its residents could possibly need inside, meaning they do not need to leave.

With 260,000 square metres of space, the building has capacity for up to 30,000 residents, although it is currently only home to 20,000.

The block of flats features all sorts of amenities, including a food court, supermarkets, internet cafes, nail bars and even swimming pools.

Although having everything in one building sounds like somewhat of a claustrophobic nightmare, the building might actually be what the future of housing looks like.

@galileo 20.000 Menschen unter einem Dach: Im Regent International Apartment Building der chinesischen Millionenmetropole Hangzouh ist das möglich. ? Könntest du mit so vielen Menschen zusammenwohnen? #Galileo #fyp #China #Wohnhaus #viraltiktok ♬ Originalton – Galileo

It has been dubbed ‘the most sustainable living building on Earth,’ and flats inside can go for as little as €195 per month.

However, if you want to be able to have a window, or even stretch to the luxury of a balcony, then the more premium apartments go for around €520 per month, per the Chinese outlet Sin.

The majority of the building’s 36 to 39 floors are made up of students and graduates living there. Other common types of residents are said to be small business owners and young professionals.

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