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19th Dec 2023

Company offers workers 130% salary bonus if they run 2 miles every day

Nina McLaughlin

bonus running

If that’s what it takes to get me running…

A company has introduced a rather clever way to make its employees more active.

The Dongpo Paper company in China’s Guangdong province has began a scheme which encourages its workers to run miles in exchange for a boost to their bonus.

“My business can only endure if my employees are healthy,” the company’s chairman  Lin Zhiyong explained.

Chinese company offers huge bonus to employees who run every day

In order to benefit from the scheme, employees need to run 62 miles every month to get the bonus, which equates to 130 percent of their salary. This works out at around 2 miles every day.

However, those who fail to run quite so far won’t miss out. Those who run 31 miles in a month will be rewarded by a full month’s salary.

For those who run 24 miles, they get a 60 percent bonus, and then 30 percent for those who run 18 miles.

Social media reaction has been mixed over on Weibo.

“The intention of the company’s policy is good but it should take into consideration any existing conditions or health issues among its employees,” one person wrote.

“The company should add an extra bonus to the employees who do exercise, instead of using the existing bonus as a bargaining chip,”  a second said.

A third put: “You’d have to run two miles a day to meet the monthly target of 62 miles. So, the company wants their staff to be track athletes?”

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