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14th Jan 2024

Dean Gaffney run over by Chelsea star on night out

Charlie Herbert

Dean Gaffney

The actor suffered a broken collar-bone

EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney was injured on a night out after he was run over by Chelsea footballer Wesley Fofana.

The actor was “catapulted” into the air after he was struck by the £70m defender’s Lamborghini, and suffered a broken collar bone.

The incident took place in December 2022, but Gaffney had never spoken about it because it was “not anybody’s fault”, a source told the Sun.

French international Fofana passed a breathalyser test at the scene on the King’s Road in Chelsea and was allowed on his way after he was deemed not to be at fault for the accident.

Wesley Fofana reportedly unaware of Gaffney’s injuries

Meanwhile, Dean Gaffney was treated in hospital before being allowed home.

It was only later on that the 45-year-old soap star found out the driver’s identity. Wesley Fofana was also reportedly unaware of Gaffney’s identity as well.

A source told the Sun: “It was a nasty accident and Dean said afterwards that he was lucky to be alive and was counting his blessings.

“He’d just left a nightspot and was trying to get in a black cab when the Lamborghini hit him in the midriff, catapulting him into the air.

“He was out cold and his mates were all really worried. The emergency services gave him pain relief and he was patched up in hospital.”

After finding out Fofana’s identity, Brentford fan Gaffney “joked about a star of a rival club taking out a well-known fan of their neighbours!”

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