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30th Jan 2024

People ‘scared to sleep’ after discovering horror serial killer show ‘like Luther but better’

Nina McLaughlin

People are only just discovering one of the best crime shows of the last 20 years

True Detective first aired back in 2014, and was met with huge critical acclaim.

Averaging 8.9 stars on IMDb, the show is an anthology series, meaning that each series has its own localised narrative.

The first season of the show starred the likes of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, with later seasons starring actors such as Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn.

The latest season of the show has just dropped, and viewers think it might be one of the best yet.

Starring Jodie Foster, it investigates the mysterious disappearance of eight men from a research station in Alaska.

Fans have praised the series online with one writing: “True Detective Season 4 needs to chill the fuck out. So goddamn creepy.”

A second said: “True detective season 4 been amazing so far.”

While a third put: “Season 4 may not be the True Detective I expected but it’s definitely the True Detective I needed.”

A fourth said: “True Detective is so good, but I need to watch something silly now – I’m always creeped out after each episode.”

Viewers of the show have compared it to the likes of Luther, and encouraged other crime drama lovers to give it a go.

“True Detective is another show I recommend. If you like Luther/Mindhunter you will like this, better and more gritty,” one person said.

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