COMPETITION: You and your flatmates could get your rent paid for an entire month 10 months ago

COMPETITION: You and your flatmates could get your rent paid for an entire month

Brought to you by Maltesers. 

This is a renter's dream.

So imagine your landlord turned up at your house and told you not to worry about paying the rent this month. The money you'd save would be enough to cover a pretty good holiday, to help you buy that console you've been eyeing up, or to pick up that 60 inch TV that your bedroom has been crying out for.

Well, your landlord isn't going to do that. They just aren't. Luckily for you, the good people at Maltesers are doing the next best thing for one lucky JOE reader.

Not only do they excel at making damn fine confectionary treats but they're offering you and your flatmates a chance to win an entire month's rent up to a value of €2,500. It's all to celebrate the launch of the all-new Malteser Bites, their latest variation on one of Ireland's favourite chocolate treats.

You know Maltesers? Well, imagine someone flattened them out and made them even more chocolate-y. Boom. They're way ahead of you. Introducing your new flatmates - Maltesers Bites.

So how can you get your hands on a free month's rent, you ask? Well, it couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is tag one of your flatmates on the Facebook post below and you could be in with a chance of winning. Obviously, getting your flatmate to tag you will double your chances of winning. And if you get your other flatmates to do the same... well, we'll let you work out the maths.

So what are you waiting for? Enter below and you could be in with a shout of winning this fantastic prize. Good luck!

You can enjoy the lighter side of life with the launch of our new Maltesers bites - more chocolatey and less roundy Maltesers. Available now nationwide in single and share bags. Join in the fun on Facebook and Twitter.

Brought to you by Maltesers.