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05th Jun 2018

COMPETITION: Vodafone X are giving away a new iPhone 8 in Dundrum Town Centre


Brought to you by Vodafone X.

Need a new phone?

Even if you don’t, you’re hardly going to say no to a brand new iPhone 8, are you? We thought not. The good people over at Vodafone are feeling particularly generous at the moment and want to give away a phone to one of you.

“This all sounds too good to be true. There must be some sort of a catch” you’re thinking to yourself, and you’d be right, sort of, but it’s a fun catch. How do you fancy going on a treasure hunt?

Next Wednesday, 6 June, Vodafone X will be hiding a new phone somewhere in Dundrum Town Centre. But this isn’t your traditional treasure hunt. There’s no dog-eared map with an X marking the spot. We’re taking this hunt digital.

the matrix mirror GIF

Here’s how it works. Show up at the Vodafone Store at 1pm. Once there, you’ll find a QR code which you’ll scan and that will give you a clue to the next location. You’re off and running from there. Each code you scan will lead you to the next spot. If you do it right, you should end up back in the store after visiting three locations. The fastest time on the day wins.

That doesn’t seem too difficult now does it? Even if you’re not successful in your quest, you’ll have spent the afternoon running around a huge shopping centre, frantically trying to outrun your competitors for the prize. That’s a Wednesday afternoon well spent if you ask us.

Good luck!

Vodafone X allows you to enjoy 20GB of 4G data including Spotify Premium, unlimited weekends or Sky Sports extras – all for just €20 top up every 28 days and if you sign up to Vodafone X in store you’ll get one month free.

Brought to you by Vodafone X.