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05th Nov 2018

COMPETITION: Win a whopping €10,000 towards your school’s Debs


€10,000 towards your school's debs

Brought to you by Vodafone X

Would make for one hell of a Debs do.

You work hard, put up with the long hours of studying and start planning what you want to do once you finally get to throw your uniform in the bin. The Debs are a shining light at the end of it all; a chance for you to end your secondary school life in style.

There’s nothing quite like it. Organising a suit, choosing a tie that doesn’t clash with your date’s dress, and finding out whatever the hell a corsage is. The night itself though should be one you never forget.

In association with Vodafone, we’re offering one lucky school the chance to throw a night they will never forget. With €10,000 towards your school’s Debs up for grabs, we reckon it would be a hell of a lot more epic than anything else that has come before it.

We’ll leave it up to you to plan how to spend it all…

€10,000 towards your school's debs

How to enter

The first thing you have to do is nominate one person in your class to register your year with Vodafone. Once you’ve filled in the form, you have two weeks to get at least 30 of your classmates to switch to Vodafone X. You will receive a text from Vodafone after filling out the first form where you can confirm the number of students who have moved to the network.

All schools with at least 30 new sign-ups to Vodafone X between now and Friday, 30 November will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize of €10,000 towards their Debs. The final winner will then be chosen at random. Terms & conditions apply.

In association with Vodafone, we’re giving you the chance to win €10,000 towards your school’s Debs. Vodafone X allows students to enjoy 20GB of 4G data including Spotify Premium, unlimited weekends or Sky Sports Mobile TV – all for just €20 top up every 28 days.

Brought to you by Vodafone X