WIN: We have €500 up for grabs in our amazing Credit Reunion competition [CLOSED] 1 year ago

WIN: We have €500 up for grabs in our amazing Credit Reunion competition [CLOSED]

Brought to you by the Credit Union.

We all remember our first.

Remember the magical moment when you received your first pay cheque? There’s nothing like that feeling of having your own disposable cash and being able to spend it on whatever you want.

Maybe you were in your teens and slogging away in a summer job. Or you might have been fresh out of college and enjoying your first foray into the working world. Either way, earning your own money for the first time is something that you’ll never forget.

Simply tell us the most interesting thing you bought with your very first pay cheque and you could win €500. All you have to do is fill in your details below and tell us what your most interesting purchase was.

The Credit Union will then give €500 to one lucky winner to lodge into their Credit Union account.

You never forget your first pay check but the same can’t be said for your old Credit Union account. It’s a common scenario for people to open accounts in their youth and then forget about them, even if that's where they left their communion money or part of their first pay cheque. The Credit Union recently launched a Credit Reunion campaign to reunite people with their abandoned Credit Union accounts.

Even if you don’t win the €500, what could be better than reuniting with your money in a member-owned, profit-sharing financial cooperative that offers a competitive range of car, home improvement and personal loans? Call into your local Credit Union to see if you have an old account that you may have forgotten.

Good luck!


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Do you want to reunite with your inactive account? Forgotten where your local branch is? Then check out the Credit Union locator.

Brought to you by the Credit Union.