Find the new iPhone 8 hidden somewhere on the UCD campus on 22 February 3 years ago

Find the new iPhone 8 hidden somewhere on the UCD campus on 22 February

Brought to you by Vodafone X.

Finders keepers.


College is one of the best times in most people's lives. A couple of hours of classes a week in exchange for copious amounts of sleep-ins, late nights and very few obligations. The one aspect of college life that can be frustrating is living off a student budget. Chicken fillet rolls for lunch and noodles for dinner are the order of the day.

Whatever about eating habits, luxuries such as new phones aren't usually on the cards for most of us. It's a head wrecker when you've had to hold on to a phone well beyond its prime. Falling apart at the seams, maybe a big dirty crack on the screen and forget about going on the internet - you'll be there all day.

impatient come on GIF

Well, if you're a UCD student you might be about to get that fabled upgrade. But you're gonna have to work for it.

Vodafone X will be coming to the campus on 22 February and they're gonna be hiding a new iPhone 8 somewhere about the place. It'll take one determined and deductive person to find said phone, but once they do it's theirs.

If you're already pegging it down to college to prepare for this hunt, hold up a second - we have more details for you. First things first, you have to be on campus on the day to be in with a chance to win... duh. The hunt itself will kick off at noon but we'll be dropping hints beforehand about how you can claim this prize of prizes.

Over the course of the day we'll be giving you instructions on JOE's Twitter and Snapchat (JOE_ie) so stay tuned to figure out what you have to do.


The winner will be the first person to get their mitts on the iPhone 8. We'll also be setting you some challenges along the way to keep things interesting.

So for now, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels and set your alarm now for next Thursday.

Vodafone X allows students to enjoy 20GB of 4G data including Spotify Premium, unlimited weekends or Sky Sports extras - all for just €20 top up every 28 days.

Brought to you by Vodafone X.