COMPETITION: Win a month's supply of STRONG ROOTS products 6 months ago

COMPETITION: Win a month's supply of STRONG ROOTS products

Brought to you by STRONG ROOTS

Just as delicious as they are healthy.

Eating healthy doesn't mean your dinners must consist of boiled cardboard and a glass of water. There is no shortage of options out there that are packed full of nutritional value, but don't leave your taste buds screaming out for something from the local chipper.

The toughest obstacle is often just making a change to your shopping list. Not having the right food in the fridge is likely what makes a takeaway or frozen pizza seem a lot more tempting.

Strong Roots

Strong Roots

Courtesy of STRONG ROOTS, we want to make sure your kitchen is stocked up with the right stuff. So instead of having a freezer full of frozen chips and garlic bread (maybe keep some of that anyway), how about making things interesting with Cauliflower Hash Browns and some Broccoli & Purple Carrot Bites?

They're effortless to cook, but you could easily convince people you're a Michelin Star chef by serving these up at dinnertime. Just throw them into the oven, and then add whatever you want to accompany them. We recommend a tasty dip if you're looking for something quick!

All you have to do to win a month's supply of these delicious veggies is answer the simple question below. The lucky winner will then get to enjoy a well-stocked freezer for the next month!

Irish food company STRONG ROOTS is all about providing you with the best quality frozen foods. Whether it's Sweet Potato Fries, Spinach Bites or Veggie Burgers, put a bit more variety on your plate!

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Brought to you by STRONG ROOTS