5 premium gifts to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 6 years ago

5 premium gifts to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Brought to you by Dyson Supersonic.

Do you want to push the boat out this Valentine's Day?


We've come up with a few gift ideas that are guaranteed to impress. So if you have the budget and you want to make an impression, here are a few ways to win your girlfriend over.

A trip to Paris

Sure, it’s clichéd but it’s clichéd for a reason. This is the city of love, a place that is stepped in romance. Nobody ever said “Ugh, he got me a holiday to Paris.”


Booking a holiday to Paris is more than just a weekend city break. It’s a declaration that you want to make memories together. It’s the start of the kind of story that ends with “We’ll always have Paris.”

A designer handbag

This one can be tricky if you’re not a women’s fashion expert, which most of us aren’t. Still, a quality designer handbag by Stella McCarthy, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors will be something that she’ll have forever.

Asking her friends or family is one option or you can do a bit of research by looking at her favourite bags. A good shop assistant will be able to suggest some designer options if you can give her an indication of your girlfriend’s taste.


The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

A hairdryer may not sound like an impressive gift but Dyson’s hair dryer is a different animal, thanks to its cutting edge style and technology. Intelligent heat control, faster drying, reduced noise and a range of styling options make it a seriously impressive piece of tech.

But the fact that it’s a thing of beauty will be what evokes the “Oohs” of appreciation when your other half unwraps it.


A new phone

Everyone loves getting the latest phone. Even if we don’t strictly need a new phone, there’s nothing like upgrading to the newest model.

Picking her up a shiny new iPhone 7 Plus or the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is always going to be a winner. Or if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that, an upgrade on her current phone will always go down well.

A luxury spa weekend


Everyone likes getting pampered. Booking a luxury spa weekend will give her a chance to kick back and enjoy the royal treatment. Just make sure you book it for two!

That way she can take a mate or relative and enjoy a girls’ weekend away. Unless you fancy getting in on the action as well, in which case we won’t judge!

Engineered for balance and to reduce noise, the Dyson Supersonic comes with smoothing, styling and diffuser nozzles for versatility in styling – no need to spend money on stylists. 

Brought to you by Dyson Supersonic.