9 friends you definitely have on Facebook 6 years ago

9 friends you definitely have on Facebook

Brought to you by Sprite Brutally Refreshing

Ah, Facebook. You're useful, you're necessary but my, oh my, you can be annoying.


Because of the nature of JOE, we spend far more time than most on Facebook. So much time that we end up getting a little frustrated.

But that's all about to change, because ourselves and Sprite have teamed up to be brutally refreshing about the Facebook friends that each one of us DEFINITELY have.


So, you went to the gym. Oh, you're visiting a far away exotic country. Fantastic, you've got a new job. We get it, your life is great. Can you please stop going on about it now!?



Loved up couple

Why overly sentimental moments need to be displayed on people's Facebook walls is well beyond our understanding. There is such a thing as private messaging - get your shit together people!



Selfie king/queen

Are front-facing cameras the world's vainest invention? After visiting this person's page, you'll certainly think so.


Keyboard politician


We know social media can help incite actual change. This doesn't make the profile of that friend who keeps on going on about the issue of the week any less annoying. Don't worry, they'll have found a new cause by next week.


Inspiring quote meme person

You can put any quote over a sunrise and it will look inspirational... trust us.



How many photos of your kids is too many

Having a child and raising it is a massive achievement. Documenting that child with 300 photos every week is not.


Random observation friend

You know those questions that have been floating around your head, but you've never asked? Well, don't worry, cause this guy is going to ask them for you.


The purge

"So guys, I'm going deleting some of the people from my Facebook friendslist later today."

Pick us, please pick us.


The friend who doesn't really know how it works

Private messages posted on walls. Accidentally writing to themselves. This person is a wrecking ball of technological ignorance, but they're bloody hilarious.


Here's Sprite's brutally refreshing take on social media.


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