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30th Apr 2015

A survey reveals how many young Irish drivers break the speed limit every week

Slow down Tommy

Joe Harrington

There’s also some interesting figures on road rage.

The Bank Holiday weekend is almost here which means thousands of extra people will be on the roads over the next few days as they head home for the break.

Ahead to the busy period, AIG has released a survey on Irish motorists to coincide with the launch of their new XLNTdriver app and some of the results are interesting.


According to the results, 3 out of 5 male drivers between aged 18 to 24 break the speed limit at least once a week, with 1 out of 4 saying they break the limit every day.

Female drivers were a lot better with 1 out of 10 saying they break speed limits every day, and 2 out of 5 saying they break it at least once a week.


Road rage was also surveyed and it turns out women are more likely to beep a horn or let rip on another road user.

The results reveal that 61% of female motorists aged between 25 and 34 have suffered from road rage at some point.

In terms of men, it turns out guys between 35 to 44 year old experience it the most with 46% admitting to getting thick behind the wheel.

Be careful on the roads over the weekend lads.

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