One in six drivers very concerned about safety on Irish roads 2 weeks ago

One in six drivers very concerned about safety on Irish roads

Irish road deaths continue to rise to concerning levels in 2023.

One in six drivers in Ireland are "very concerned" about the safety of Irish roads, according to a new survey.


Carried out by Easytrip in October, over 4,700 respondents took part in the research, highlighting a number of contributing factors to their concern.

Topics involved in the survey were driver distractions (e.g. mobile phones), speeding, driver inexperience, poor road conditions and driving under the influence.

When asked about the recommended reduction of speed limits, 57% of drivers welcomed the reduction of 80kmph to 60kmph on rural roads, with 47% disagreeing with it.

On the topic of penalty points, only 28% of drivers believed it is effective at increasing road safety, with 48% believing it to be ineffective.


Speed limits reduced

Large number of drivers concerned about safety on Irish roads

On the subject of overall driving standard within the country, 46% of respondents to the survey said the standard was average, with only about 20% of drivers claiming it was somewhat good.

Commenting on the research, CEO of Easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney said: "It’s clear to see from our research that motorists are concerned with road safety standards and driving behaviours on our roads.


"We are all aware of how distractions and driving too fast negatively impacts our safety as a motorist and I would encourage motorists to review their driving behaviours and ask if they can do better in following the regulations," she added.

"Not only will it help other road users, but it may also reduce the possibility of a road accident or fatality.”

In October, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) announced that analysis of road traffic collision data showed a steep rise in pedestrian fatalities over the past two years, showing that there were 43 pedestrians killed on Irish roads in 2022.

Figures for 2023 are estimated to be at their highest in 15 years, with 38 pedestrian fatalities as of October.


In September, Junior Transport Minister Jack Chambers announced a review of speed limits across Irish roads, which are set to be implemented in 2024 and 2025.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio's News at One show at the time, the minister said the speed limit review will "radically change" the "mishmash” of speed limits in the country.

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