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04th Dec 2023

Air fryer users horrified after discovering hidden compartment

Simon Kelly

air fryer

Our thoughts are with the air frying community.

There are two people in this world; people who own an air fryer and people who don’t own an air fryer.

With the latter quickly becoming the majority, as the air frying craze continues to grow, more people are discovering the wonders of the simple device.

However, some things are best left undiscovered, as one particular air fryer owner has found out recently.

In a TikTok video being widely shared this week, one user showed a ‘hidden’ compartment that they found on their air fryer while trying to clean it, leaving them slightly horrified.

The video shows the user flip their appliance on its side, without the drawer in, showing the heating element covered in brown grime and grease.

The user then tries to wipe away the grime with kitchen paper and a spray to no avail, asking: “Is there a proper way to clean this or should I just pretend I didn’t notice?”

@justcleanit How do you clean the top of an airfryer? #cleantok #cleanwithme #cleaningtiktok #helpme #justcleanit ♬ original sound – Just clean it

Air fryer users discover hidden compartment of appliance

People in the comments section were not happy to discover this new section of the device, with many going straight into pure denial.

“The underside of my air fryer is none of my business.” said one commenter.

“I’m gonna just pretend my air fryer doesn’t have this part and never lift mine up,” said another.

“The underside of my air fryer is not my problem. just like the back is my hair is not my business,” added a third.

While denial is very much a reasonable reaction to this discovery, we would recommend checking your appliance’s instruction manual before listening to people on the internet.

Alternatively, you can take the advice of this commenter: “Just use a simple oven. It’s the same as an air fryer.”

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