Ireland is set to open a new alcohol-free bar next month 4 years ago

Ireland is set to open a new alcohol-free bar next month

The Virgin Mary is coming soon.

Good news for people who want to socialise after 6pm and not consume booze while doing so - there's a brand new exclusively alcohol-free bar on the way.


Dublin's Capel Street will play host to The Virgin Mary, which is set to throw its doors open in February.

Dedicated international trade publication The Spirits Business notes that the project will serve a selection of alcohol-free beers, wines, spirits and cocktails.

"Dublin is an incredibly diverse city with an increasingly discerning population, so people are looking for a place where they can sit down with friends and really connect in a lively yet mindful drinking environment," said Vaughan Yates, one of the Virgin Mary's co-founders.

Yates, a consultant for the drinks industry and creative director of design collective 1751, will operate the venture alongside Great Irish Beverages founder Oisín Davis.


Per the report, The Virgin Mary will offer “original alcohol-free cocktails crafted with the same love, detail and balance as liquor-based varieties" as curated by Anna Walsh.

The latest figures from DrinkAware indicate that alcohol consumption in Ireland has decreased significantly in recent years, while around 24% of people have been recorded as non-drinkers.

Dry February, anyone?