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13th Nov 2017

This Athlone cafe serves the biggest breakfast in Ireland and it is GARGANTUAN

Kymann Power

These guys know how to cook up a FULL Irish breakfast…

Do you think you have what it takes to demolish Ireland’s toughest breakfast challenge? This week, The JOE Show’s Dara Dynamite and Kymann decided it was time to take it on and made the trip to Murphy’s Law in Athlone, Westmeath.

Little did the pair know what they were about to come up against.

The objective of this monstrous food challenge is to eat the entire meal in 30 minutes or less. If you’re successful, you get the meal for free AND you also get a Murphy’s Law breakfast challenge T-shirt.

Piece of (potato) cake, right?

That’s what Kymann and Dara thought, until they discovered exactly what it was they had to eat. Here’s the list of the 3500 calorie breakfast that had to be tackled:

4 slices of toast

4 rashers

4 sausages

4 pieces of black pudding

4 pieces of white pudding

4 fried eggs

4 grilled tomato halves

4 hash browns

1 large portion of beans

1 large portion chips

1 large portion fried mushrooms

And, of course…

1 pot of tea

You may still be thinking to yourself, “I could do that no bother.” Be warned though, if you consider taking on the challenge, you must know that only FOUR people out of approximately 1500 challengers have ever successfully finished it.

Did Dara or Kymann make it to the top and finish the whole thing? Here’s what went down…

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