A bar in Limerick is going the extra mile to ensure that its customers stay safe 4 years ago

A bar in Limerick is going the extra mile to ensure that its customers stay safe

This really is great to see.

Have you ever been on a bad date? Not a "he didn't reach for the bill" bad date. A REALLY bad date. Let's say the person you're with isn't who they said they were. Or for whatever reason you just don't feel safe. Well Pharmacia, a bar in Limerick, has the answer.


Customers in the bar are encouraged to "Ask for Angela" if at any point they fear for their safety while in the bar.

Pharmacia, located on Sarsfield Street, has launched a campaign that encourages people to discreetly ask a member of staff for Angela, which will act as a code for the member of staff to book you a Taxi home, and will ensure you get there safely, and without too much fuss.

Although it is a campaign that is set to focus on women who feel uncomfortable on dates for whatever reason, men are also encouraged to do the same if they feel the need to. In a Facebook post, Pharmacia said: "While this campaign focuses predominantly on bad dates, we are encouraging both women and men to use this if any situation is making you feel uncomfortable. We have yet to deal with this issue but feel it's important to have a procedure in place as a safety net."

Pharmacia also urged people not to joke about what is a very serious issue.

"It's unfortunate that posts like this are necessary but sexual harassment happens more than we realise and will not be tolerated. Please do not think it's any way funny to use this as a joke with our staff or it will be impossible to tell when to take real action. Take care of yourselves and your mates on nights out."