Our pick of the best places to find Black Friday deals online 8 months ago

Our pick of the best places to find Black Friday deals online

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Look no further to find Black Friday deals on just about everything!

We may have only gotten into it in the last few years, but Black Friday has basically turned into Christmas for bargain hunters. Just in time for stocking up on Christmas presents, pretty much everything and anything can be bought at some of the lowest prices you could ever hope to find.

This year is no different, with some fantastic Black Friday deals on everything from smartphones and clothes to video games and online courses. To make life easier, we've rounded up a few of our favourites below:

Sky TV

On a cold winter's evening, there is absolutely nothing better than curling up on the couch in front of the telly. If that telly is a brand-new 32" beauty you got for free by joining Sky, all the better.

That's right, you can get a free 32" LG TV simply by signing up to Sky TV this Black Friday. You only have this weekend to do it though so best move on it soon!

Check out Sky TV's Black Friday offers.


When it comes down to it, winter is the absolute perfect time to stick on the PlayStation. Not that autumn, spring, and summer aren't, but it just feels that bit better this time of year.

There are some fantastic offers on at the minute for gamers, from a brand-new 500GB PS4 with FIFA 20 for just €239 to the sensational Marvel's Spider-Man for just €19.99. If you were thinking about stocking up, now is the time to do it.

Check out PlayStation's Black Friday offers.


Need a new coat? Littlewoods will have it. A new fridge perhaps? Check the catalog.

You'll find just about everything in Littlewoods from tech to fashion, and a lot of it is on offer for Black Friday. With selected fashion brands, you can even save up to a whopping 50%!

Check out Littlewoods Ireland's Black Friday offers.

The TEFL Academy

Getting the chance to teach English as a second language is something everyone should at least consider. Not only could it possibly give you the chance to work abroad, but the skills you learn will help you on whatever career path you choose.

This Black Friday, The TEFL Academy is offering up to 60% off their courses. This offer will be gone after Friday, 29 November!

Check out The TEFL Academy's Black Friday offers.

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