The 5 best hotel rooms in Ireland have been revealed 1 month ago

The 5 best hotel rooms in Ireland have been revealed

The top room will set you back a pretty penny for just one night.

As part of the World Travel Awards, which announced this week that the best hotel in all of Europe to get married in was right here in Ireland, the best hotel rooms in the country were also revealed.


If you're looking to absolutely spoil yourself (and potentially spoil someone you might want to bring with you) and check in to the very best hotel rooms in all of Ireland, then that list has been whittled down to just six rooms across the entire island for you to choose from.

The five nominees who didn't take home the title this year are:

  • the Presidential Suite at the Anantara in The Marker Hotel, Dublin
  • the Presidential Suite at the Conrad, Dublin
  • the Presidential Suite at The Westbury, Dublin
  • the Reagan Presidential Suite at Ashford Castle, Mayo
  • the Falls Master Suite at the Sheen Falls Lodge, Kerry

And the overall winner was... (luxurious drum roll please)... the House Presidential Suite at the Carton House in Kildare.


We decided to look into the price for a night in this room in The Carton House

Out of curiosity, we checked out that winning room in the Carton House to see how much it would cost for a single night. To keep things cheap, we put in for a Tuesday night in mid-April, when things should at its least expensive.


With bed and breakfast, it will set you back €2,357 if you pay immediately, or €2,765 if you pay closer to your check-in date. So... should you be considering staying in the best suite in Ireland, now you know what it'll cost you. On a Tuesday. In April.

Main image via Instagram/ @CartonHouse

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