No wonder there’s no bread left in shops when people are buying it in quantities like this 5 years ago

No wonder there’s no bread left in shops when people are buying it in quantities like this

They must be planning on eating an awful lot of sandwiches.

If the forecasts and repeated weather warnings are accurate, we’re facing into one of the worst spells of weather in recent history.


For some reason, however, rather than worrying about snow, ice, dodgy roads and people’s safety, the nation has suddenly become obsessed with that most basic of staple foods, the loaf of bread.

Shops and supermarkets throughout the country are being cleaned out of loaves of bread, with photographic evidence of empty shelves flooding social media and #breadwatch becoming a trending topic on Twitter matched only by #snow and #BeastfromtheEast for popularity.

Declan Fitzgerald, managing director of Pat the Baker, told RTÉ that demand for bread is “unprecedented” and that extra bakers had been brought into the bakery in Longford to increase production.

And no wonder, when you see the type of scene that unfolded in a Dunnes Stores in south Dublin on Tuesday evening, when one shopper was spotted stocking up on enough loaves of Brennan’s white sliced pan to keep them in sandwiches for a month.


While it's amusing to see the extent of our bread obsession, those who are stocking up on bread and essential supplies are only using their loaf and taking steps to prepare for the adverse weather likely to make an impact throughout the country, of course.

For more information on staying prepared in such conditions, check out the Be Winter Ready website.

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