This is how you can beat the afternoon slump 2 years ago

This is how you can beat the afternoon slump

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Happens to the best of us...


We've all been there. After a relatively productive morning, our brain power wanes slightly around 3 pm with the infamous afternoon slump. Work can take a hit, as well as your ability to stay focused on anything other than getting home to curl up into bed.

Afternoon slump

There are plenty of ways to get over any afternoon slumps, and we've teamed up with Cadbury Boost to help you get over your daily struggle. Over the next few weeks, we'll be poking you with quizzes to test how alert you are during the day.

With that in mind, we've come up with a list of tips you can use to make sure you're operating as close to 100% as possible.

1. Start your day off right

A healthy breakfast is one of the first changes you should make if you're susceptible to an afternoon crash. Waiting until lunch to eat something isn't a good idea, as you're far more likely to want to make up for lost nutrition all at once.

Eating smaller meals more often is a proven way to manage weight loss as well, and the added benefit of not craving a bigger lunch is that you won't feel as bloated afterwards. Get some protein into your body good and early, it's a long day ahead so start it as you mean to go on.


2. Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water will always make you more likely to feel tired. Water promotes the movement within your body of all the nutrients you take in as part of your diet (protein, fat, carbs, etc.), so keep a water bottle handy at all times.

It's also a good trick in the morning if you take a while to get going. Drinking a large glass of fresh water will help prepare you for the day.

3. Don't rely on caffeine

Caffeine can be a godsend in the morning. Relying on it throughout the day however isn't a good way to avoid an afternoon slump.


Too much caffeine is essentially like teaching your body to wait for your daily dose of coffee rather than cope with fatigue naturally. A small amount of it in the morning is absolutely fine, but having coffee after 2 pm might not be a great idea.

4. Keep active at work

Particularly if you're stuck at a desk, a lot of your tiredness comes down to inactivity. Nothing promotes blood flow as well as exercise, so your brain isn't getting as much as it needs to focus on your daily workload.

Something as simple as rolling your shoulders for two minutes as you sit at your desk can help freshen you up. Going outside for a walk at lunch will mean you're more likely to come back feeling ready to rock.


5. Treat yourself

It shouldn't all be about sticking to a strict diet and cutting out things you enjoy. The odd bar of chocolate is a great way to put a smile back on your face, thanks to it promoting the release of endorphins into the brain.

Avoid the 2.58 pm slump with a Cadbury Boost, and cut down on your stress levels by having some food you enjoy. Follow Cadbury on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how to get over your afternoon slump!