Cadbury wants you to be the mastermind behind their new bar! 2 years ago

Cadbury wants you to be the mastermind behind their new bar!

Brought to you by Cadbury

I never met a chocolate I didn’t like.


All of JOE's devoted chocolate lovers have certainly been drooling over their keyboards recently.

We've had so much fun giving you an inside look into us gifting a bunch of delicious chocolate to some lucky offices. The delicious creations some of Dublin's inspired office workers came up with were a treat to witness (and taste)!

We also invited you to watch in awe as we jumped head first into inventing a Cadbury chocolate bar of our own! Our avant-garde creation wasn't to everyone's tastes but we certainly enjoyed them. Who knew mustard powder would go well with popping candy?

If you've been watching wide-eyed and slack-jawed, hoping you could get in on all this delicious-chocolatey goodness, now's your chance to get involved! Right now, Cadbury is offering chocolate fans a prize so cool and unique, it's hard to believe!

The astute chocolatiers at Cadbury are inviting you to go ahead and invent your own chocolate bar! Do you fancy a cinnamon/coffee concoction that will drive the nation crazy for more? Perhaps you'd prefer a rose-infused oreo dairy milk with a hint of mint?


All you need to do to get involved is head to Cadbury Inventor and pick the three ingredients you think will blow the nation's taste buds away! When everyone has submitted their dream bars, three lucky inventors will have their bars sent out and sold in shops across Ireland and the U.K!

It's a once in a lifetime competition that you don't want to miss!

Brought to you by Cadbury