New report reveals the cheapest and most expensive long-haul tourist destinations in the world 3 years ago

New report reveals the cheapest and most expensive long-haul tourist destinations in the world

Worth keeping a note of the next time you’re heading on an adventure.

The idea of jetting off far away is an idea that appeals to most of us on a fairly regular basis, but the cost of doing so can often be too prohibitive.


When simply getting there is going to cost you an arm and a leg – as well as taking a significant amount of time – if day to day expenses are going to burn a hole in your pocket then it’ll further reduce the realistic prospect of that dream getaway.

With that in mind, the 10th annual Long Haul Holiday report by Post Office Travel Money in the UK could prove to be a handy guide the next time you’re thinking of heading to some far-flung destination.

Based on prices provided by long-haul holiday specialist Travelbag, as well as others provided by tourist offices, the report calculated the value for money offered by a series of tourist destinations based on the cost of the ten items listed below.

  • Cup of filter coffee (café/bar)
  • Bottle of local lager (café/bar)
  • Bottle/can of Coca-Cola (café/bar)
  • Glass of wine (café/bar)
  • Cocktail (café/bar)
  • Small Chocolate Bar (58g Mars/Snickers)
  • Bottle of mineral water (1.5l – supermarket)
  • Suncream (SPF15 Nivea – supermarket)
  • Insect repellent (small bottle/tube - supermarket)
  • 3-course evening meal for two including bottle of house wine

When all was said and done, it was Tokyo that came out on top of the list, with a local bottle of beer available for as low as £0.74 (approximately €0.85), a small chocolate bar costing only £0.58 (approximately €0.66) and a three course evening meal for two, including a bottle of house wine setting visitors back £35.02 (just under €40).

Cape Town in South Africa, Mombasa in Kenya, Colombo in Sri Lanka and Hoi An in Vietnam joined Tokyo in the top five, while Jumeirah Beach in Dubai (where a local beer will set you back the guts of €10) and Rio de Janeiro proved to be the most expensive of the 30 destinations surveyed in the report.

You can see the ranking of the 30 long-haul destinations below and read the report in full here.

  1. Tokyo (Japan)
  2. Cape Town (South Africa)
  3. Mombasa (Kenya)
  4. Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  5. Hoi An (Vietnam)
  6. Bali (Indonesia)
  7. Tamarindo (Costa Rica)
  8. Orlando (USA)
  9. Penang (Malaysia)
  10. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
  11. Phuket (Thailand)
  12. Cancun (Mexico)
  13. Rodney Bay (Saint Lucia)
  14. Montego Bay (Jamaica)
  15. Seoul (South Korea)
  16. New York (USA)
  17. Vancouver (Canada)
  18. Grand Baie (Mauritius)
  19. Jolly Beach (Antigua)
  20. Beijing (China)
  21. Lima (Peru)
  22. Scarborough (Tobago)
  23. Santiago (Chile)
  24. Auckland (New Zealand)
  25. James (Barbados)
  26. Darwin (Australia)
  27. Muscat (Oman)
  28. China Town (Singapore)
  29. Jumeirah Beach (Dubai)
  30. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)