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04th Nov 2013

Disposable Income JOE

From tech to skincare, JOE has plenty on our wishlist, so here are a few of our picks for what to splash your disposable cash on


From tech to skincare, JOE has plenty on our wishlist, so here are a few of our picks for what to splash your disposable cash on.

Microsoft Surface 2

Some of us here at JOE are slightly more tech minded than others (Adrian and Oisin are the geeks, bless them), but we still know when a product is cool and this tablet is pretty damn cool. Operating on Windows 8.1, the lads at Microsoft insist that the problems with the freshman version of Windows 8 have been ironed out. Functionality is better and generally speaking it’s easier to navigate.

The Surface 2 is also considerably slicker aesthetically, with a better battery life that boasts over eight hours fully charged. So, if you’re in airports a lot for work, it’s the perfect companion for listening to music or watching Netflix on.

Crucially for those who’d be using the tablet on the go for work, it comes preloaded with Microsoft Office, with a backlit keyboard available for separate purchase for around 125 clams.

The built in camera is powerful, boasting an impressive 3.5 million megapixel front camera and a 5 million back one. Screen resolution is also strong, with the 10’2 screen boasting HD playback of 1080p video. Niiiice.

For anyone looking to trade in their iPad you can’t go far wrong. The Surface 2 is available from PC World, Harvey Normans and Currys, with prices starting from €439.

Pearlys teeth whitening in Dundrum 

Teeth whitening is never something we really thought about doing, but when we found out that it no longer involved a visit to the dentist’s chair, and actually only took about 25 minutes all in, we couldn’t really turn it down.

Based in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre, Pearls is run by an extremely pleasant staff who explain what they’re doing to your gnashers as they’re doing it. Before beginning, they’ll measure the colour shade of your teeth so ya know just how much of a difference the procedure makes.

While JOE isn’t a smoker (our body is a temple), we managed to get noticeably whiter by about 10 shades after the short 20-minute treatment.

A lot easier than you’d think it would be, they also have numerous teeth-whitening products

Ireland v Latvia

We’ll level with you, we didn’t fancy this one too much when it was announced, but the news over the weekend makes this the hottest ticket in Irish sport this year.

Roy Keane 26/10/2010

The dream team duo of Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane has yet to be officially announced at the time of writing but it seems like the deal is all but done with the FAI, and we think it will be some atmosphere at Aviva Stadium for the game on November 15.

The first game of the new era may not tell us too much about the squad, the formation or even how the two men work together, coming as it does so soon after their surprise appointment, but just to say you were there for the very first game of the new regime makes it a must-buy ticket.

The crowd, on a Friday night, should be pretty pumped up and with Latvia ranked 55 places below Ireland in Fifa’s latest list, at 115th, there should be a few goals to enjoy too.

And if you are a fan of cult footballing figures from the early 2000s, former Southampton maestro Marian Pahars is the Latvia gaffer. Okay, he may not be as box office as O’Neill and Keane, but it’ll be nice to see him in the flesh too.

Giorgio Armani – Armani Code aftershave

Choosing a cologne is a difficult decision, as everyone is different, but we really like Armani Code. On that note, you definitely should choose a cologne though, it’s time to start smelling more like a man and less like a gym bag.

It’s a strong masculine fragrance with a hint of sweetness, but it doesn’t have an overpowering musk. It’s a clean and somewhat spicy scent, with plenty of citrus in there too, so you can definitely smell the lemon that they’ve used to make it. This is a great every day fragrance, one that you can wear to work.

Clarins Men – Moisture Balm

clarins men

From shaving to the winter cold and wind (and rain and misery), a man’s skin takes a lot of punishment, and generally we don’t take enough care of it.

This moisture balm is perfect for when your skin is at its most sensitive right after a shave. It moisturises and cools without too much fragrance, and it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue. With Movember here too, a lot of us will be shaving a bit more regularly, so it’s worth getting a tube of this in to keep your skin at its best.

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