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17th Aug 2023

Electric Picnic has launched a cool, new feature for this year’s festival


Electric Picnic

Charge your phone while you swing on a hammock quaffing champagne – what’s not to love?

While many will be preparing to suit up festival style for Electric Picnic 2023, writes Katy Thornton, awaiting performances from the likes of Billie Eilish, Fred Again, and The Killers, seasoned EP-goers may be anticipating the long weekend that comes with little opulence.

Some of us just aren’t as young as we used to be, and others simply enjoy life’s simple luxuries, many of which you miss when attending a three-day outdoor festival. What’s wrong with wanting a wee glass of champers before heading for a dance, or Sunday afternoon hammock-nap to break up the day?


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Enter the Electric Picnic Lounge.

Much like the lounge at Dublin Airport, the EP Lounge offers somewhere to put those wellied boots up if the dancing has taken it out of you.

Choose a hammock, a sofa, or a bean-bag to sink into for an hour or two while you build your stamina back up for another round of popping and locking it. It’s based right beside the Main Stage, so you won’t have to trek too far to get back to the action.

If you’re someone who doesn’t do well waiting in line for a porta-potty, and does even worse navigating the sheer horror that is doing your business while avoiding any contact with the seat that hundreds have sat on before you, then the squeaky clean toilet facilities within the lounge will be very welcome news indeed.

Plus, if your phone battery isn’t what it used to be – and let’s be real, this goes for most of us unless your phone is brand new – then the Electric Picnic Lounge offers somewhere to give you some juice mid-bop.

The Lounge also offers complimentary tea and coffee, some shelter if you find yourself ill-equipped for the weather, be that rain or shine, as well as a luxury bar, and more premium food outlets.

You can opt for a day pass, which costs €85 for Friday and €95 for Saturday or Sunday, or go all in for weekend access for €200 if you’re a sleepy guy or gal who just needs to rest somewhere that isn’t a banjaxed picnic chair, or a sopping wet mattress. Upgrade your ticket HERE.

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