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11th Aug 2023

Dermot Whelan closes out final Dermot & Dave show with emotional farewell

Stephen Porzio

dermot and dave

Dermot and Dave have parted ways after being an on-air duo for 21 years.

Dermot Whelan has said an emotional goodbye to his radio co-host of 21 years Dave Moore as their Today FM show Dermot and Dave recorded its last episode.

Earlier in the week, Whelan announced that he was departing from the radio station, with the comedian and presenter stating that this was in order to focus more on his Mind Full brand.

Moore, who has been an on-air partner of Whelan’s since the summer of 2002, will launch a brand-new Today FM show in the coming weeks.

dermot and dave

Dermot and Dave

The final Dermot and Dave episode aired on Friday (11 August), with the programme wrapping up with an audio compilation of the pair’s best moments throughout the years.

Speaking about the compilation after it played, Whelan commented: “Weirdly during that montage, I kind of knew what it feels like to be dead,” sparking uproars of laughter from those in the studio.

“Thankfully, I’m still here,” he added.

Whelan then went on to thank everybody at Today FM for all their support throughout the years.

He said:

“Look, it’s been a crazy show and weird how fun today was. Thank you so much to Today FM, it’s just been an incredible place to work, and 98FM where we started all those years ago.

“It’s just such a fun playground and what other job, particularly in media, do you get the chance to come in and just do stuff and go: ‘Hey, do you know what would be a good idea,’ and then just do it.”

Whelan also thanked his wife and kids for going with him on “this crazy journey” that he is taking, adding: “To have that support at home, literally you can’t do it without that.”

He also had glowing words for Moore and the Dermot and Dave show’s listeners, adding:

“To Dave, my best friend, we’ll hug it out after were off air. But most of all, to all the listeners, you guys are unreal.

“I hope that you can come with me on my next phase and I’ll try and help you to de-stress and find little quiet spaces in your lives where we can remind ourselves just how cool we are.

“Stay tuned to Today FM and The Dave Moore Show and I’m going off to cry and drink champagne.”

You can listen back to the final episode of Dermot and Dave on Today FM right here.

Main image via Twitter/TodayFM

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