Ewan McGregor's Vintage Biker Style 10 years ago

Ewan McGregor's Vintage Biker Style

By Laura Anne Mooney

Scottish-born Ewan McGregor has found huge success as a mainstream, indie and art-house actor, having first reached iconic status early in 1996, as heroin addict Mark Renton in Danny Boyle’s big-screen adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s ‘Trainspotting’.


The actor has since avoided being typecast with a versatile list of box-office hits such as Baz Lurhmann’s musical Moulin Rouge, his iconic role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels or his recent role as a ghost writer assigned to finish the memoirs of a disgraced British prime-minister (Pierce Brosnan) in Roman Polanski’s ‘The Ghost’.

McGregor can wear a leather jacket like no other, which could be on account of his serious penchant for motorcycling, leading to his 2004 Sky One documentary ‘Long Way Round’ where McGregor and childhood friend Charley Boorman spent 115 days circumnavigating from London to New York.

Jedi Master Ewan plays it cool on the red carpet for the Empire Strikes Back anniversary

Even more impressive is that the daring duo followed up their original journey by biking from John O'Groats in Scotland before finishing in Cape Town, South Africa for the 2007 BBC Two series 'Long Way Down' – a trip not for the faint of heart.

McGregor has confessed that he is a lover of clothes but not very involved in fashion scene, attending only one fashion show in his career, which was solely to witness the legend that is Iggy Pop live.

Instead the actor chooses to be dressed mostly by designer friend Neil Barnett, as Barnett’s clothes are comfortable and fit well. This mixture of comfort and style is why Mr McGregor always seems totally at ease be it biking it across adverse terrain or attending the latest glitzy Hollywood premiere.


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