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11th Aug 2017

Garda arrest driver for just about every driving violation imaginable, including one jaw-dropping offence

Well... that is a new one on us.

Rory Cashin

Swords shooting

It seems that the Garda are getting some really interesting traffic violators of late.

There was this person who was picked up for having one of the most shoddy attempts at hiding their out of date insurance disc imaginable, and then there was this one that the police themselves referred to as ‘International Forger Of The Year… NOT!’

But they’re nothing but distractions, runners-up, background noise to this majesty of cumulative road violations.

There is almost a bingo card checklist of Things Not To Have Or Do While Driving:

  • Intoxicated? Yup.
  • Disqualified driver? Yeppers.
  • No tax? You betcha.
  • No insurance? Absolutely none.
  • Any NCT? Hahahaha… No.

The real kicker though is … well, you can see for yourself…

Yep, no front wheels. Plural.

Not tyres. WHEELS.

It takes a certain kind of perseverance to power through the lack of such a fundamental part of driving a car as, y’know, having wheels.

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