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31st May 2021

Gillette to eliminate over 60,000 kgs of plastic with new eco-friendly upgrade

Ann Cronin

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Brought to you by Gillette – Put your Best Face Forward with our new and improved blades.

The new upgrade will see Gillette razors and packaging become more sustainable than ever before.

Gillette has launched an upgrade across their entire range of refillable razors and their packaging, which will see Gillette change to more simplified, cardboard packaging that is fully recyclable.

Gillette estimates that the move towards fully recyclable packaging will eliminate a total of 66,000 kgs of plastic in the UK and Ireland – that’s the equivalent of over 6.5 million plastic water bottles FYI.

But it’s not just the packaging that’s been upgraded. Gillette’s refillable razor’s new design is built to last too, as the handle can be used for over five years if cared for properly, making it your most sustainable shave yet.

We’ve all become a bit more conscious of how our choices are affecting the environment around us but with Gillette, you can shave with confidence, knowing you’re doing your part to work towards a more sustainable future.

But it’s not all about feeling more confident in your environmental choices – Gillette are also giving men the confidence to put their Best Face Forward.

The entire Gillette range of razors will have redesigned, ergonomic handles and their sharpest blades to date, designed to give men their best shave yet.

And in today’s digital world, this couldn’t be more important as our faces are at the centre of everything we do now more than ever. For over 120 years, Gillette has been committed to helping men to be the best they can be and they believe that shaving is about more than just the way you look.

Whether it’s style, an act of self-care or a way to communicate a more sustainable choice, Gillette is continuing to help men to look and feel their best.

The best just got better.

Gillette has launched a complete upgrade across its entire range of refillable razors including new fully recyclable packaging to help men shave with confidence and put their best face forward. 

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Brought to you by Gillette – Put your Best Face Forward with our new and improved blades.