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This risqué headline about Uranus prompted the Internet to react as childishly as you’d expect
It was inevitable.

If the headline with Uranus in it wasn't enough, the accompanying picture didn’t exactly help matters.

Childish it may be, but any mention of the word ‘Uranus’ in public discourse is always likely to garner a giggle or two.

Don't say you didn't crack up anytime it was mentioned in school. We all did.

So when The New Science, a Twitter account with over 61,000 followers, tweeted a post with the following headline on Monday, it was always likely to bring out the child in many of those who came across it.

If the headline on its own wasn’t enough, the accompanying image was just crying out for piss-taking.

To be honest, with a goal as open as this one, you’d be disappointed if people didn’t deliver inevitable responses and plenty of them hit the back of the net.

If childish humour is your thing, this might be the best thing you’ll see all week.




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