Hollywood Drive of Fame: Dumb & Dumber's Mutt Cutts van 7 years ago

Hollywood Drive of Fame: Dumb & Dumber's Mutt Cutts van

There have been quite a few vehicles made famous by Hollywood movies, so for this week’s Hollywood Drive of Fame we’re taking a look at the iconic  1984 customised Ford Econoline from Dumb and Dumber.

With Dumb and Dumber To just around the corner, JOE has decided to pay homage to Harry and Lloyd's legendary Mutt Cutts van. The wonderful 1984 Ford Econoline isn't the most beautiful vehicle when you look at it without its make-up on.



Pic via: www.imcdb.org

In fact, it looks as though it could have been used to transport goods and or bodies in Love/Hate. But once it's dolled up, the Ford is a different animal altogether... literally.

mutt cutts


Pic via: UKComplex

Nicknamed the 'Shaggin' Wagon', Harry and Lloyd brought their vehicle through some tough encounters on their way to Aspen. A scenario which may be true to life as the Econoline was renowned for its reliability.

The Econoline you see in Dumb and Dumber was produced in 1984. Cosmetically, the Econoline didn't change much between 1975 – 1991, so if you want to recreate your own Shaggin' Wagon, any model from that era should do.

If you are considering getting one, we do suggest you check for carpet stains and stray bottles first though ...



The van’s 114-horsepower engine may not be capable of outrunning bad guys, but who needs to go fast when you can talk about the most annoying sound in the world and play tag.



Clip via: KingOfAllMedia07076

So there you have it; every dog has its day and today is the 1984 customised Ford Econoline's. Welcome to the Hollywood Drive of fame, Harry and Lloyd.

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