Ireland's National Transport Authority is encouraging people to walk 10 months ago

Ireland's National Transport Authority is encouraging people to walk

The original form of transport.

The National Transport Authority (NTA), which is the transport authority for Greater Dublin and the public transport licensing agency for Ireland, has encouraged its commuters to... use its services less, and walk more.

The body is launching a campaign today (3 November) that will encourage commuters to add a ten-minute walk to their morning or evening routes by getting off a stop earlier on their morning or evening journeys.

"The short-term benefits are potentially reduced stress levels, a boost in energy, and improved concentration and mood," according to the NTA, who are running the campaign in conjunction with Healthy Ireland, a government-led initiative.

Well, we can certainly vouch for the stress thing, as we have previously looked into certain dissatisfactory elements of some public transport in Ireland.

Shane Ross TD, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport said: "I’m delighted to support this initiative. Small changes can make a big difference and making a small change in our daily commute can help us all to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

"This is a great initiative and empowers people to take greater control over their wellbeing by being more active in their daily lives and by gradually introducing additional exercise into their commute and indeed all other journeys over the next two weeks and beyond."

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority, said: "We are proud to take part in this campaign as walking is a key aspect of sustainable travel, one that the NTA focuses on as part of its future plans.

"Public transport can be unavoidably crowded at peak times, so getting off a stop early or walking to a different stop can make all the difference for a happier, healthier start or finish to the day."