According to Irish DJs these are the most banned songs at Irish weddings 3 years ago

According to Irish DJs these are the most banned songs at Irish weddings

Irish couples don't want these anywhere near their playlist.

There's no better Irish event than a good old wedding but these Irish DJs have revealed the songs that couples do not want to hear in their wedding playlist.

If any of these come on, it could turn a blushing bride into an angry one.

A wedding is a聽marathon and sometimes can turn into a 24-hour activity or even an all weekend long sort of occasion depending on the type of company you're in.

You pray hard at the church that the priest won't ramble on for too long because the only thing on your mind is getting fed, watered and showing off your moves on the dancefloor.

It's hard enough to stand up after a wedding feed and it's no surprise that at the start of the night you don't see many people out on the floor for the band.

However, by the time midnight comes around, everyone is boogieing the night away and you can be assured to see a few shapers with their ties around their head trying to do their best Michael Flatley impersonation to the finale of the Riverdance music.

While Riverdance is a must at most Irish weddings, six Irish DJs came together and talked about the songs that they have been banned from throwing into the mix.

According to The Vow, Nathan Carter's Wagon Wheel comes out on top but it's not the only well known Irish song on the list as Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon has been given the axe on several occasions also.

There are some big hitters on the banned list too and couples seem to absolutely despise doing the YMCA, The Macarena and Rock The Boat.

Most banned song, according to Irish wedding DJs

Wagon Wheel
The Birdie Song
Rock the Boat
The Cha Cha Slide
The Macarena
My Heart will go on
I Will Always Love You
I Gotta Feeling
The Grease Megamix
Galway Girl
Hokey Pokey
The Conga