The Irish Navy are looking for new recruits 4 years ago

The Irish Navy are looking for new recruits

New Year, new job?

The Irish Navy have announced that they are launching a new recruitment drive, with the four branches of the Naval Service - Seaman, Communications, Mechanicians, and Supplies - looking to add to their numbers.


Full details of the recruitment process can be found here, but in their own words, this is what the Irish Navy are looking for and will be providing:

Who They're Looking For - "Naval Service Recruits go on to form the backbone of the Irish Naval Service. Recruit training is 18 weeks in duration and is designed to develop a physically fit, disciplined and motivated person using basic military and naval skills in order to prepare them for further training in the Service."

Qualifications - "No formal education qualifications are required to join the Defence Forces as a recruit. You need to satisfy the Interview Board and the Recruiting Officer that you possess a sufficient standard of education for service in the Defence Forces."

Age - Over 18 and under 27.


Training - "It is 18 weeks in duration. It is followed by Trained Specialist Training courses. On successful completion of training Recruits are assigned to a Branch and a vessel of the Naval Service."

Payment - Full breakdown of rates of payment can be found here.

If that all sounds good to you, then you apply for the recruitment right here.