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12th Mar 2015

This is where Irish people rank in the list of European workers who work the longest hours

It's not all bad, you could be working in Greece

Paul Moore

It’s not all bad, you could be working in Greece.

We’re certain that every Irish person works their fingers to the bone regardless of their profession. Then again you could be like JOE and nip off for an extended 3 hour lunch break everyday.

Your boss will never notice.

It seems that our lackadaisical approach to work isn’t being copied by all of you hard working people because Irish employees clock in an average of 35.4 hours in the working week according to these figures.

To put that number into perspective, it’s even more than Germany.

Cue Angela Merkel whipping the leading members of every single trade union in Deutschland whilst screaming, “work harder, work harder. The Irish are beating us”.

There’s no prizes for guessing that Greek workers clock in the longest hours in the Eurozone especially given how their domestic economy has struggled to revive itself the 2008 financial crisis.

Interestingly, those in Portugal and Spain – two other country’s contending with economic crises – were not far behind.


Figures via – i100

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