Jack & Jones: Made from Cool: The Original Christopher Walken 4 8 years ago

Jack & Jones: Made from Cool: The Original Christopher Walken 4

What is it about Christopher Walken that makes him so goddamn great. Well, where do you begin?

Whether it’s the incredibly unique delivery of his lines or his impeccable taste in clothing, Christopher Walken is the very definition of cool. Women want him and men want to be him... or at least we want him to be our really, really cool, well-dressed Dad.


Each week, JOE will be bringing you our Weekly Appreciation Series on the Original Made From Cool – Mr Christopher Walken.

You can check out our Week One appreciation of the great man here, Week Two's appreciation here and Week Three here.

Everyone knows that, oh, the actor, eh, likes to put the emPHAsis on the parts of the words that don't need to, ah, be emphaSISED. His iconic, ornamented delivery may be his most famous calling card and it's for that reason that other people have, for years, attempted to master the art that is The Christopher Walken Impression.


These people talk the talk, but can they walk the walk when they're talkin' the Walken? Or something along those lines...

Here are some of our favourites:

Robin Williams

Christopher Walken does porn...


Kevin Spacey

With a bonus Jack Nicholson impression thrown in too...


Nathan Fillion

A legend impersonates a legend...

POYKPAC Comedy Troup

It's the greatest TV show that never was, The Walken Dead...


And JOE's favourite, Kevin Pollack meets Christopher Walken...

Best. Walken. Anecdote. Ever.

This all-round great guy has a few tricks up his Jack & Jones sleeve worth sharing so make sure you check out all of our previous appreciation pieces as JOE celebrates the wonderful Walken.