The John Lewis Christmas ad has arrived and it doesn't disappoint 3 years ago

The John Lewis Christmas ad has arrived and it doesn't disappoint

Start chopping some onions so you have an excuse for those tears.

Some traditionalists may scoff at the idea that an annual advert from a huge department store is the real signal for us all to start getting in the Christmas spirit, but this is 2020 and this is where we’re at.


Cynicism parked firmly aside, the John Lewis Christmas ad usually manages to hit the right notes and do a good job of letting us all feel all warm, fuzzy and Christmassy inside, something we need this year more than any other.

John Lewis certainly needed to be on its game this year to match and surpass some of the efforts we’ve seen to date, such as Colm Meaney’s cameo as Santa in the Aldi Christmas ad and the Super Valu Christmas ad that would bring a tear to a glass eye.

On first impressions, this year’s ad delivers the goods, with one small act of kindness sparking a heartfelt chain reaction in a tale featuring lovable characters such as Mr. Pidge and Spikes the Hedgehog.

A big hitter usually provides the background music for the John Lewis Christmas ads and this year is no different, with Celeste writing and performing ‘A Little Love’ especially for the occasion.


The ad also recognises the fact that this Christmas, John Lewis and Waitrose are working with Home-Start and FareShare to help over 100,000 families in need in the UK, with donations from the public providing food and support for those who need it most.

More information is available here.

That’s enough talking for now, check out the ad in full below and brace yourself, there may be tears...