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WATCH: Kerry woman tries to catch spider with a vacuum, proceeds to scream her house down
We defy you not to crack up watching this.

We defy you not to laugh.

Listen, we know that phobias are no laughing matter... per say.

When someone has a genuine fear - like in this case, when the poor Tralee-based lady seems to have a proper terrifying relationship with spiders - then it should be taken seriously.

ALL THAT BEING SAID... this is very funny to watch.

Thank you to JOE reader Ang Stack for sending the video on (filmed by Eve Savage), of their friend Lorraine Walsh attempting to capture a spider with a vacuum cleaner.

You can see over the course of the video that she is constantly trying to build up the courage to get the vacuum nozzle to suck up the static eight-legged arachnid, but almost as if the vacuum was an extension of her own body, any time it gets close to spider, poor Lorraine proceeds to scream her house down to its foundations.

With that in mind, we don't suggest you watch this with the volume all the way up...


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