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A love-scorned woman has posted these brutal posters about her ex
Hell hath no fury

Oh, Graham.

A love-scorned woman has sought out the most brutal revenge on her cheating boyfriend by sharing posters that shame his behaviour. What's colder is the fact that they've been posted to every single lamp post in the town of Warwick.

The poster, illustrated by a beautiful heart in a noose reads:

“Graham. If she is so good in bed you can stay there! Merc keys in Canal. Locks Changed. Cards Maxed. Happy New Year, Linda xxx”.

No amount of grovelling or apologies will get Graham out of this one.

According to one Twitter user, these posters are are on every single lamp post in the town.

Residents of the town have been sharing images of these =posters on social media in an attempt to find Graham. Maybe he's looking for those keys in the canal?


Probably not.


There have been suggestions that the posters are merely a marketing ploy by the printing company Throwing Rocks. This accusation was denied by the company themselves.

They said that they legitimately made the posters for a customer and that their URL is on the poster merely to illustrate who provided the service.


Well Graham, this came back to bite you.

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